VIDEO: Michael J. Fox Plays Johnny B. Goode On Guitar

Insert time travel pun here   15-Nov-11

Anyone who has been alive since the 1980s will know the Michael J. Fox's character in Back To The Future stunned a ballroom full of teenagers with his shred version of rock and roll.

Since then, Fox has gone on to master the guitar, after originally miming on the film.

In a throw-back to the classic moment in cinema history, MJF stunned another ballroom with his rendition of 'Johnny B. Goode'. This time however, it was a ballroom full of attendees for his Parkinsons research fundraiser, and they were stunned at just how much the actor sounds like a bonafide '50s rock and roll star!

The sound quality in the fan-shot video of the event is slightly patchy, but if you skip forward to 1:12, you can see Fox's impressive chops in full swing.

Find out more about the Michael J. Fox Foundation here.

Rich Beech



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