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Superbooth 21: Eurorack Guitar Preamp - Radikal Technologies

And envelope follower
Superbooth 21: Osmose Update - Nearing Completion

And its looking good
Superbooth 21: Arturia SQ80V - Meet The Dev

Classic 80s Ensoniq Emulated
Superbooth 21: Mayer MD900 X-VA

Virtual Analog Wavetable Synthesizer
Superbooth 21: Tiptop Audio ModFX And FSU

Effects modules for modulation and to f**k s**t up
Superbooth 21: LPZW Modules 6 Mod 6 - TR-606 Voices

With extra tweaks
Superbooth 21: Eowave Three New Modules

Oscillator, Filter and 4-tap delay
Superbooth 21: Miso Modular Granular Sampler

Smooth and HiFi
Superbooth 21: Eagan Matrix For Eurorack

Gaz chats with Ed Eagan
Superbooth 21: Verbos Electronics 3 New Systems

Preconfigured - Designer, Producer, Performer
Superbooth 21: 1010 Music Blackbox v1.9 Updates

More modulation and performance
Superbooth 21: New Buchla Music Easel - More Features

Less money
Superbooth 21: FL Studio Fruity CV Control - M1 Native

Just out
Superbooth 21: Moon Modular 5u Delay Units and More

Large format, large sound....
Superbooth 21: Rabid Elephant Portal Drum Updates

3 years of development come to an end
Superbooth 21: Torso Electronics T-1 Algorithmic Sequencer

An interesting way to look at sequencing
Superbooth 21: Sequential Take 5 Poly Synth

Another poly from the masters
Superbooth 21: Official LiveStream Day 3 Live Today

4pm European, 3pm UK
Superbooth 21: u-he Wiretap Module

CV into Triggers module coming up
Superbooth 21: Doepfer New Stuff - Pitch Shifter

Sounds really good
Superbooth 21: Ploytec Boom Kick

Tap tempo kick drums...
Superbooth 21: Synth-Werk Bode Frequency Shifter

5u classic frequency shifter
Superbooth 21: Befaco Synth Duster

Most important tool in your studio?
Superbooth 21: XOR Electronics Nerdseq Updates

The updates to the eurorack worlds favourite tracker sequencer
Superbooth 21: Plankton Electronics and Winter Modular Collaboration

A smorgasbord of new collaborative modules
Superbooth 21: u-he Chat With Urs and MFM2 Preview

M1 updates, More Feedback Machine 2
Superbooth 21: Moog Sound Studio Bundle

DFAM, Mother 32 and Subharmonicon
Superbooth 21: Polyend Tracker Updates and a Jam

Twin Tracker Action
Superbooth 21: Patching Panda Operat and BDZ

New modules for a new year
Superbooth 21: Expressive E Imagine Physical Modeling VA

Unique and well implemented
Superbooth 21: Expressive E - Osmose Update

Nearly there..
Superbooth 21: Befaco Plethora and Muxlicer Gate Expander

2 new modules for Superbooth
Superbooth 21: Der Man Mit Der Maschine - Motorised Faders For Eurorack

What more could you need for your eurorack system
Superbooth 21: Presonus Studio One 5.4 Updates

Useful updates to their flagship DAW
Superbooth 21: Soundforce - Juno 60 DCOs

More lovely sounding juno-ish clone modules
Superbooth 21: Joranalogue - 3 New Modules

3 new analogue modules
Superbooth 21: 4ms Power Monitoring

Simple but effective tool for managing power usage of your eurorack modular system
Superbooth 21: Enjoy Electronics - The Godfather

4 Channel audio processor
Superbooth 21: ASM Hydrasynth Deluxe and Explorer

A closer look
Superbooth 21: Waldorf M - New Wavetable Synth

A classic wavetable synth from some of the orginators
Superbooth 21: XAOC Devices - Minsk, Zagrzeb & Erfurt

3 new modules from XAOC Devices
Superbooth 21: Dreadbox Nymphes - Lets Have a Look...

6 Voice analog programmable
Superbooth 21: UDO Audio Desktop Super 6

No Keyboard, same synth
Superbooth 21: Buchla 200 Series For Eurorack

Buchla and Tiptop Audio collaborate on new versions of classic modules
Superbooth 21: PWM Malevolent - New UK Mono Synth

In collab with Future Sound Systems
Superbooth 21: Enters 1U Format

3 redesigned modules previously only available in 3U format and more
Superbooth 21: Big Synth Polyphony For Eurorack

Knobula's Poly Cinematic is a 56 oscillator, 8 voice polyphonic module
Superbooth 21: IK Officially Release UNO Synth Pro Editor

Free download - now we can share patches
Superbooth 21: Dreadbox Nymphes - 6 Voice Poly With Presets

And more - did you guess right?