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Superbooth 2019: Richard Devine, MODX And Live Performance

At the Yamaha booth
Superbooth 2019: Softube Parallels and Buchla 296e

Polysynth and filterbank module
Superbooth 2019: MATTHS Rig Rundown

Matthew Hodson plyaed on Saturday
Superbooth 2019: E-RM Polygogo Stereo Oscillator

An oscillator thats all about shapes...
Superbooth 2019: Flame MÄANDER 4-Voice Desktop Synthesizer

An interesting take on a 4 voice synth
Superbooth 2019: Elektrofon Klang - Chord Controller Module

We saw the first iteration last year and now we get a look at the final release
Superbooth 2019: 4ms - SWN With Dan Green And A New Percussion Interface

This feature heavy module is now available!
Superbooth 2019: ACL Sinfonion Pitch Controller

All your oscillators can now play nicely together!
Superbooth 2019: Mayer Digital Poly and Control For Eurorack

Proprietary control bus to control main unit
Superbooth 2019: RME M-32 Pro MADI DC Coupled Outputs

Control your CV kit - a lot of it!
Superbooth 2019: Empress Effects ZOIA Modular Pedal

Updates - now shipping
Superbooth 2019: Moog Matriarch/One Sounds Only

Lets have a listen
Superbooth 2019: Polyend Updates - Medusa 2.0 And New Modules

Poly2 and Preset - programmable CV matrix and Seqquencer
Superbooth 2019: Bitwig Studio 3 Beta - Now With Grid Modular Design

Public beta now open
Superbooth 2019: DPW Design MÖG 4 band Distortion

Now for Eurorack
Superbooth 2019: Supercritical Synthesizers Demon Core Oscillator

16 Analogue Oscillators In 12Hp!
Superbooth 2019: Superlative SB-1 SH-101-A-Like Sounds

Lets take a listen
Superbooth 2019: Toraiz Squid Sequencer

Multichannel MIDI and CV capabillities
Superbooth 2019: NonLinear Labs C15 - Sounds Demo

This instrument is built to play
Superbooth 2019: Tim Exile's ENDLESSS Updates

We caught up with Tim Exile to see the new updates
Superbooth 2019: Behringer RD-909 - Is It Just a Clone?

Run through of the features, hows the workflow different?
Superbooth 2019: U-He Hive 2

A new interface, more modulation options, NKS support & more.
Superbooth 2019: Vermona Melodicer

We get a history of Vermona with Thomas and check out the Melodicer
Superbooth 2019: Rossum Electro-Music Linnaeus

Stereo Thru Zero State Variable Filter
Superbooth 2019: Befaco - CV Your MIDI Gear

An almost backwards concept, but we're wondering why this hasn't been done before?!
Superbooth 2019: Gamechanger Audio Motor Synth Video

A totally wild and ridiculous concept, has moved on a lot more than we expected since NAMM
Superbooth 2019: Joranalogue - Generate 3 Through-Zero Multiphonic Signal Generator

Thru Zero FM, Amplitude Modulation and Phase Modulation
Superbooth 2019: JP-ONE

A Roland inspired mono synth
Superbooth 2019: MFB 8 Voice Poly Synth!

On the last day of the show
Superbooth 2019: WMD Crucible and AXYS

Digitally generated cymbals and a dual crossfader
Superbooth 2019: XAOC Devices Sarajewo, Jena, Timiszoara, Samara II and Odessa

Loads of new Polish modules to sink your teeth into
Superbooth 2019: New Quad Drum Voice

Every voice can be a sample player, a wavetable VCO or a digital drum model
Superbooth 2019: Industrial Music Electronics Bionic Lester and Andore Jr.

2 new modules from Scott
Superbooth 2019: Robaux SWT 16+

Superbooth 2019: Livestock Electronics 3 New Modules

A sequencer, a preset system and an interesting envelope and LFO
Superbooth 2019: Expert Sleepers Tiny Mikey and More

Os takes us through the latest additions to his eurorack line
Superbooth 2019: Instruo - The Loveliest Panels In Eurorack!

Lúbadh and arbahr - Tape Looper and Granular processor
Superbooth 2019: Superlative Instruments SB1/SpaceBee - A Very Thin SH101!

A very lovely looking battery powered SH101 tribute
Superbooth 2019: Rabid Elephant Portal Kick

A solid kick designer with some lovely blue knobs
Superbooth 2019: Music Thing Modular Startup Module

A super simple DIY module with everything you might need for your first system
Superbooth 2019: Ableton CV Tools

Control and be controlled by CV
Superbooth 2019: Prok Drums New Features

A DIY drum module designed for live sets
Superbooth 2019: Bastl Instruments New Modules And Toyota Vangelis Live Rig

Vaclav shows off the new modules, USB light driver and more
Superbooth 2019: U-He CVlization Module and a Super Secret One

Nearly there, later this year for release
Superbooth 2019: Nektar and Presonus Studio One Integration

Deep integration available very soon
Superbooth 2019: New Modules

Moritz gave us a run down of their new modules
Superbooth 2019: Korg Minilogue XD Desktop

And Polychain
Superbooth 2019: Soma Pulsar 23 Drum Machine

This thing is awesome
Superbooth 2019: Motor Synth Is A Gamechanger

Digitally-controlled analogue electro-mechanical synth uses electromotors as its sound source
Superbooth 2019: IK Multimedia UNO Drum Machine

12 voices analog and PCM mix
Superbooth 2019: Make Noise Mimeophone, X-Pan and XOH

Three new stereo modules
Superbooth 2019: FrapTools Usta 4 Track Sequencer

A new circular sequencer design
Superbooth 2019: Dreadbox NYX2

More synth, more reverb too!
Superbooth 2019: Pittsburgh Modular Voltage Research Lab Video

Richard Nichol takes us through their new synth
Superbooth 2019: Erica Synths New Sequencer, Spring Reverb and Stereo Delay

Girts takes us through the three new modules
Superbooth 2019: U.D.O Super 6 Poly Synth

Product preview of the new Binaural synth
Superbooth 2019: Korg Ni:Tekt DIY Programmable Voice Board

Roll your oscillators and FX
Superbooth 2019: Minilogue In A Module

Kong announces minilogue xd module for your desktop
Superbooth 2019: Pittsburgh Modular's Most Experimental Synth

Voltage Research Laboratory makes its debut
Superbooth 2019: A Volca With A Valve

Korg's volca nubass has a sound source based around a vacuum tube oscillator
Superbooth 2019: Steinberg Retrologue Hardware Synth

MIND Music Labs and Steinberg 'Powered by ELK' Retrologue 2 desktop synth prototype debuts
Superbooth 2019: Rossum Electro-Music Announces Linnaeus

Thru-Zero State-Variable Filter Eurorack module
Superbooth 2019: Elektron Digitone Keys FM

A first look at their new keyboard version of the Digitone

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