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NAMM 2019: Hit 5.5 Million Users

Meet, collaborate and create
NAMM 2019: Sonicstate Awards

And the winners are...
NAMM 2019: Waverazor In A Eurorack Module Coming Soon

Twin wave-slicing oscillators
NAMM 2019: Elektron Overbridge V2.0 Features

After a long wait, its coming - really very soon
NAMM 2019: IK Multimedia iLoud MTM Monitors

Desktop size, with a big sound
NAMM 2019: Soundtoys Little Plate Won A TEC Award

NAMM 2019: Sequential Prophet XL And A Hint Of Whats To Come?

Dave Smith talks to Nick
NAMM 2019: Panoptigon Could Be The Best Thing At NAMM

MIDI controlled Optigon recreation
NAMM 2019: Eventide Rose BBD Style Effects And Some

Bucket Brigade without the bad artifacts
NAMM 2019: Expressive É Arché - Bowed Instrument Emulation

Combined with Touché for authentic bowing
NAMM 2019: Audient Sono Valve Guitar Preamp And Interface

With added effects and processing
NAMM 2019: Zoom H3-VR 360 Degree Audio Recorder

For VR, binaural and surround recordings
NAMM 2019: Ultimate Support Modular Desktop Stands

Ideal for stacking desktop units
NAMM 2019: New KRK Rokit G4 Monitors

Affordable, self powered with room curves
NAMM 2019: Boss Waza Tube Amp Expander

Crank up your amp and soak up the load
NAMM 2019: Presonus USB-C Studio Audio Interfaces

Studio 24c, 26c,68c,1810c and 1824c
NAMM 2019: New Compact Casio Privia Pianos

PX-S1000 and PX-S3000
NAMM 2019: Arturia Adds Two More AudioFuse Models

AudioFuse Studio and AudioFuse 8Pre
NAMM 2019: Denon DJ Prime 4 Standalone DJ System

Four decks, audio interface
NAMM 2019: Elektron Model:Samples

6 tracks of Elektron sequencing and dedicated knob controls
NAMM 2019: Arturia MicroFreak Sounds Demo

No talking
NAMM 2019: Gamechanger Audio Motor Piano - Poly Synth Madness...

A special behind the scenes look at a new poly synth concept
NAMM 2019: Mind Music Labs ELK - Rack Extension Hardware

Some interesting middle man OS for making vst's into hardware
NAMM 2019: Korg Minilogue XD Sounds Only

Affordable analogue poly gets updated
NAMM 2019: Waldorf Kyra Sounds Demo

Single unit on show
NAMM 2019: Behringer Announces Crave Semi-Modular Analog Synth

$199 synth has VCO, Classic Ladder Filter, 32-Step Sequencer and 16-Voice Poly Chain
NAMM 2019: Strymon Volante - Magnetic Echo Machine

Matt took us through the new pedal using a eurorack input instead of a guitar...
NAMM 2019: Behringer Odyssey and MS-101 No Talking

Sneaky trip to LA
NAMM 2019: Effigy Labs - Responsive, Playable MIDI Foot Controller

Designed to give added dimension and control to the musician
NAMM 2019: Mutable Instruments Responds to Arturia Microfreak

Émilie releases an open letter
NAMM 2019: UVI Introduces FM Suite

5 instruments put the history of FM synthesis into your DAW
NAMM 2019: Active NS-10 Clones

Avantone Pro announces the CLA-10A developed in collaboration with Chris Lord-Alge
NAMM 2019: Dreadbox FX - Hypnosis

Nick gets roped into presenting a unit he's never used...
NAMM 2019: Make Noise QPAS - Stereo Filtering On The Floor....

A hot mess of analogue circuitry...
NAMM 2019: Softube Modular Synth VST

Softube Modular VST
NAMM 2019: Akai FORCE - Stand Alone Music Production

We get a good look
NAMM 2019: Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol M32

A portable and low cost entry into the world of N.I. Komplete
NAMM 2019: Roland VT-4 Vocal Processor

Hands on voice transformation
NAMM 2019: Roland Cloud Update With Drum Studio

Acoustic kits a plenty
NAMM 2019: IK Multimedia iRig Micro Amp

Ultra-compact portable guitar amp with integrated iOS/USB interface
NAMM 2019: Instant Room Treatment Tips

Auralex Acoustics offers Standalone App RLX: Room Layout eXpress
NAMM 2019: Noise Engineering Four New Modules

Cursus Iteritas Percido, Fractio Solum, Terci Ruina and Sinc Bucina
NAMM 2019: 2hp Four New Tiny Modules

2hp seem to keep packing a load of features into their tiny little modules
NAMM 2019: Verbos Electronics CV Processor and Mini Horse

Two (well, three) new products from Verbos
NAMM 2019: Bitwig The Grid - Open Modular Environment

Bitwig brings modular to their DAW
NAMM 2019: Moog Introduces Sirin Analog Synthesizer

The Analog Messenger Of Joy is a limited-production module based on the Taurus sound engine
NAMM 2019: Slate Announces RAVEN MTZ

Multi-touch monitor features a 43 inch projective capacitance no-bezel panel
NAMM 2019: Behringer Reveal Their ODYSSEY

Check out their video demo
NAMM 2019: MOTU Unveils Digital Performer 10

New features include Clips window, Stretch Audio, VCA faders and VST3 plug-in support
NAMM 2019: Arturia MicroFreak - Experimental Hybrid Synth

Wavetable and digital oscillators blend with analog filters
NAMM 2019: Qu-bit Electronix 3 New Modules

Bloom, Prism and Chord v2 are added to the Qu-bit line up
NAMM 2019: Evolving Orchestral Textures

Spitfire Audio records in an aircraft hangar for London Contemporary Orchestra Textures
NAMM 2019: Rossum Electro-Music Trident Oscillator

We get the first look at Dave's new high precision triple oscillator
NAMM 2019: Waves Introduces CLA MixHub

Designed to capture the smooth console workflow and rich sound of Chris Lord-Alge's mixes
NAMM 2019: Sensel Morph Buchla Thunder Overlay

Get the Thunder back in your life
NAMM 2019: Steinberg Reveals High-End Interface

AXR4 rack-mountable professional Thunderbolt 2 audio interface is coming soon
NAMM 2019: Buchla's Red Panel Affordable Synths

Buchla U.S.A. introduces an independent division of new products
NAMM 2019: Omnisphere 2.6 We Talk To Eric Persing

Spectrasonics flagship gets major arpeggiator update and expanded hardware synth integration
NAMM 2019: Add Roland Drum Machines To Serato

Roland announces Serato x Roland TR-SYNC Update for TR-8, TR-8S, TR-08, and TR-09
NAMM 2019: Yamaha CP Pianos First Look

CP73 - more than just a stage piano?
NAMM 2019: More Roland Cloud Instruments

SRX WORLD and Drum Studio-Acoustic One added
NAMM 2019: Three New TASCAM Handheld Digital Recorders

Next generation DR-X Series Digital Audio Recorder and USB Audio Interface debuts
NAMM 2019: Hardware Stereo Bus Compressor

NAMM 2019: The World's First Fully-Automatic De-Clipper

Accusonus announces ERA BUNDLE 3.0 of audio repair plugins
NAMM 2019: Studio Monitoring Re-Invented?

IK Multimedia makes the claim with the iLoud MTM compact nearfield reference monitor
NAMM 2019: Roland Announces FP-10 Digital Piano

Portable 88-note entry-level instrument
NAMM 2019: Waldorf Quantum Synth Update

New firmware incorporates Vision 4 Instruments' Kernel synthesis engine
NAMM 2019: New Presonus Audio Interfaces

PreSonus introduces Studio Series USB-C consisting of 5 models
NAMM 2019: Eventide Instant Phaser Mk II

The world's first studio electronic effects box recreated in a plug-in
NAMM 2019: Teenage Engineering Modular First Look

Early first models
NAMM 2019: A Monitor For Your Nord Piano

New Nord Piano Monitor system offers optimal dynamic reproduction of their pianos

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