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  AES06SF: Tascam Introduce New Digital Console
  DM-4800 features 64-channel processing and DAW integration

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  AES06SF: Tascam CD And Cassette Players Updated
  CD player gets MP3 playback while cassette player goes from mkIII to MkIV

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  AES06SF: Gigastudio Gets An Upgrade
  Tascam announce free 3.20 update for Gigastudio 3 owners

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  AES06SF: The Ultimate High-Definition Recorder?
  Tascam Launches the DV-RA1000HD

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  SNAMM05: GigaPulse: Convolving Processor for Windows
  Tascam announces Gigapulse VST plug-in

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  SNAMM05: Tascam Digital Portastudio With CD Burner Under $700
  Eight-Track Digital Recording With The DP-01FX/CD

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  Gigastudio 3.1 Update Available
  New features and functionality

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  MESSE05: Giga 3.1 and Friends On Show
  GigaStudio 3.1, Larry Seyer Drums and new Giga Violin

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