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Average rating: 4.3 out of 5
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Brian Old a professional user from UK writes:
I have the mk 1 and 2 cs. They both sound roughly the same. The mk1 is a little warmer but there isn't much in it. The slider aint the godsend you would hope for! The switch covers most of the range. This does leads slightly better. So...howl or warmth?? Take your pick. It's very close, either way. Certainly, don't pay any more cash either way. They're worth the same. The sounds are great. The look is great. This is a fantastic synth. It's tiny which makes it all the better. I had a wasp which also sounded great. The hardware let it down. This is a muck better long term bet. The pwm gives it the power and thickness of a polysynth in unison! Sadly, the single oscillator means no detunes etc. The prices are going up. Watch out for missing battery covers.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-Dec-20-2006 at 09:54
Keith S a hobbyist user from USA writes:
I bought this one after buying the gray, Mk 1 CS 01, and this one is much better than the Mk 1. i spent $150 on the Mk 1 (which has stopped working correctly... i guess you risk that when you buy vintage gear), and i spent $215 on the Mk II that came with a breath controller (which is fun, but not the greatest thing ever). if you can find one of this version, for slightly more than the usual price for the Mk I, by all means, get this. the filter on this is tons better.

rock on! - keith

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Aug-16-2005 at 04:15
Lior Z a professional user from USA writes:
I have a CS01 Mk II with the Kenton CV/Gate VCF in kit installed . I just got back from a recording session using a bass line from 5 Synths at once: the Waldorf Pulse plus, MaM Freebass ( tb-303 clone) Moog Minimoog Yamaha Cs-01 Mk II The sound of the Cs-01 is very unique and impresive. you can use the Breath controll while it is running from the sequencer and add some cool Filter sweeps from the VCF input. I can only say that it cuts thru the recording tracks like thru butter. Kenton upgrade is expensive but than you'll get a pro use for years. I really like it and never going to sell mine.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Dec-17-2000 at 23:54
Ari Tamminen a part-time user from Finland writes:
As the original reviewer of the CS-01 II I just like to tell that I still like it even I have also CS1x and Korg Trinity and couple of other more modern synths.

I still have the CS-01 II which I bought originally as new, unfortunately at the moment it is not functional, but going to be repaired, the circuits are quite simple, I just saw the original schemas of the baby in a Yamaha synth repair shop in Helsinki, they still had them. I have also the original manual and even the box it came in.

Basicly everything I wrote in 1994 or so is still valid. The biggest drawbacks are the not-so-accurate one-way pitch bend and the keyboard (and of course the lack of MIDI, but hey, this is old instrument). It is still the last real analogue synth from Yamaha as far as I know.

I like to think the CS1x as the heir of CS01 and it's even capable of some kind of CS01 imitation.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Aug-15-2000 at 12:36
Mac a professional user writes:
A CS01 with a 24db self oscillating filter!!! WOW!, the resonance is a bit vicious and the striping is a bit garish compared to a black Mk1 (which looks far better) but all in all a better mousetrap. Still good for screaming leads but the mod depth still ain`t powerful enough, the pitch bender still only goes one way and the Glissando is still glissando not portamento. Mk2`s seem to be very rare (mine`s Serial No 80) but well worth searching out, plug the breath controller in, set resonance to full, cutoff to 0 hold a key and blow into the breathcontroller for wild theremin squeals, wild fun not available on anything else least of all a Mk1!.

FX units love buzzy things, and the CS01 IS buzzy, so responds to chorus, delay, flanging etc really well.

Rating: 4 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Sep-14-1999 at 13:29
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