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Lars Smith a professional user from Denmark writes:
I used to own two of these beasts, updated to version 2, they sold quite cheap, I end up selling them myself to a keyboardist who probabably did not know what to do with them...

They are great, the sound they are able to make is very convincing with an acoustic realism you wont find ANYWHERE else. But as far as programming them there are limits. But I guess in respect to acoustic realism and control of the sound they are still to be surpassed.

A limit was that you had to start with the factory sounds and then go from there. You could not program your completely own sound.

Also, they looked good, this wooden finish on the panel, Yamaha spend thousand of bucks developing them, this is the reason the starting prices went steep. But then again, you could get them cheap after a few years, because the technology became outdated in som respect, but first and foremost because most people did not know how to use this "musician┬┤s synthesizer"

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Monday-May-09-2005 at 01:28
korg uses physical modelling patents from yamaha, z1 included...go to the korg triton specs and check it out. a lot of korg products use proprietary yamaha technology

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Feb-10-2004 at 17:14
It was very expensive and has ben horribly superceeded. It sounded great and looked nice. Time has moved on and this has been largely forgotten. The Z1 etc has killed it stone dead. I would buy another but it would have to be cheap. Other similar synths with proper polyphony came out at a much cheaper cost. The VL1 looked very outdated. It did a great job as a breakthrough synth. A bit like what the emulator 1 did for the sampler.

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Feb-10-2004 at 01:51
eric a professional user from London writes:
i can see why there are no reviews for this monster, it was a whopping 10000 bucks! I happened to play one of these when I visited one of my friends a music collector.

This synth started the entire VIRTUAL MODELLING revolution! I am amazed how nobody knows this.

Nord lead did not start virtual modelling, Yamaha did with their VL1! eventhough VL1 was used for virtual modelling of wind instruments, not analog stuff.

VL1 is a true classic, just like how yamaha dx7 revolutionized the music of the 80s, VL1 revolutionized the entire synthesizer technology of the 90s and beyond, virtual physical modelling would not have existed without yamaha!

Thank you YAMAHA! muaaah!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Monday-Feb-09-2004 at 21:51
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