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Average rating: 4.7 out of 5
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roxstar a hobbyist user from Detroit, Michigan writes:
Used to own a k-station and I THOUGHT it could get no better. I was wrong. Now I use the Nova IIX and it's very impressive. Not as eassy to use as the k-station, I will admitt, I have a lot to learn about this beast, but it's easy to get something really fantastic out of it. If you have other synths, you may as well put theem away or sell them. This thing does it all. My Yamaha DX-7.. collecting dust. My Korg MS2000...gone.. yamaha motiff.. gone, proteus 2000.. collecting dust..akai AX-60.. gone..Casio CZ-3000.. gone! I was always in search of the right sound, and while it can't duplicate any of the above exactly, (and what can) it does a GREAT job of convincing me! Weird, R2D2, Spacey, pads, organs, FM, drums, and the bass??? I really have to stop. Don't waste you time and money (like I did) on trying to get the perfect sound. You'll have 100 different keyboards, and tangled, dusty wires for days in your studio. Just try one out. Even the preset sounds are awesome!

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Dec-02-2006 at 04:09
adi a professional user from israel writes:
Thick sound, easy to use with great filters. my favorite ,my baby, wouldn't trade it for any other synth.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jul-10-2003 at 08:28
ron a professional user from israel writes:
the best beast in synth world better than nord lead and virus and i allready used all of them easy too use wonderfull arppegietor parts. never gonna excahange this one.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Thursday-Jun-20-2002 at 06:09
Skip a part-time user from Ft. Myers, FL writes:
Ok, my last comment was about me trading in my K-Station for a NovaIIX (24-voice polyphony) for only $300 more. I got a deal and a half! I decided to trade it towards the NovaIIX. And boy.. what a synth. This thing is GORGEOUS. It looks awesome and sounds ten times as awesome.

And let me say something about Novation Customer Service/Tech Support: THEY ARE GREAT!!! When I bought my NovaIIX, it had some problems with certain keys flaking out (some wiring problem that a few NovaII's had that Novation was aware of). I sent it back to Novation, under the one-year warranty... and they were very responsive and informative. They paid to have the synth FedEx'd international priority so it got back to the UK in two days, they fixed it in one day (and also repaired some cosmetic damage that the pack 'n send place I used to send it back had caused)... and I received it in three days (also FedEx international priority) after that. I sent the synth on a Friday and got it back the following Friday! That is QUICK.

Novation is excellent. Their products kick ass and they are so nice and FAST when it comes to fixing problems. I highly recommend all of their products. Sometimes their gear might be a bit pricey but it's worth it. Believe me.

The reason I traded my K-Station in is because I needed more MIDI multitimbrality... I sequence a lot and the K-Station, being a monotimbral synth, can only have 1 sound on one channel and that's like, it.. you can implement it in a MIDI setup if you bounce all of your MIDI tracks after they're recorded, to audio. Or just record parts as audio loops. But that seems like a hassle to me. The NovaIIX is definitely a powerful, very powerful synthesizer (6-part multitimbral) that sounds absolutely gorgeous. If you are lucky enough to find one for a grand like I did... pick it up. And hell, if you can find one at ALL, pick it up! I'm sure Ebay will have some here and there since the synth is not being produced anymore.

I cannot explain how amazing this synth is. You just have to hear it yourself. I've tried the Nord Lead 2 & 3, and I've tried the Virus and nothing compares to the sounds from this. Built-in effects, too? You can't beat that. Check Novation's website and read the .pdf brochure on the NovaII. One of these days I will post an mp3 of a lot of the patches... to show you guys what this thing is truly capable of. A must-buy. Novation rules.

-Skip Ft. Myers, FL

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Saturday-Jun-01-2002 at 12:25
skip a part-time user from florida writes:
First off, I am thinking of trading in the K-Station I just bought for a NOVA II on closeout for only $999 (same music store).... here is my dilemma.

I cannot get more than 1 patch in a MIDI sequence. I use Cakewalk Sonar and various synths including my 4 hour old K-Station. Why won't it let me have say, Patch 107 on channel 1, Patch 224 on channel 2, patch 261 on channel 3.... I know this thing is monotimbral.. but come on. This thing is absolutely useless in studio applications and sequencing applications. Is the Nova II different? Does it have basically the same sounds as K-Station plus the vocoder and internal effects? I hope so... because seriously I'm thinking of taking this 2-octave joke back to the store. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Can the Nova II solve this MIDI problem? How does it compare to the K-Station? PLEASE HELP. You can email me at Thanks!!!


Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Friday-May-03-2002 at 01:30
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