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Jan Mendelsson a part-time user from Europe, Czech Rep. writes:
I have an AZ-1 few years and I am very pleased. I use it with Yamaha VL-70m and with any polyphonic synth together, and the flexibility of that sound is great. But I have not a manual - please send me a scan, if you have it! Thanks a lot. To Craig: I have the same problem like you on my historic sampler machine Ensonique Mirage, it has a bad wheels. (Casio is O.K., in the meanwhile...) My adress:

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Wednesday-May-04-2005 at 10:59
Craig Rodmell a part-time user from New Zealand writes:
I used an AZ-1 which I obtained on the 2nd-hand market in 1995 for about 3 years until it died. (Well, it hasn't died, but the mod and pitch bend wheels continually spit out false data, so it's as good as died.) I used it in conjunction with the rest of my rig, which included a Roland A-80 master keyboard, 5 modules (Roland & Korg) and a laptop sequencer. It did the job I expected it to do perfectly adequately. I still have the thing, and would use it again if I knew where I could get it fixed. Anyone have any clues?

Rating: 3 out of 5 posted Tuesday-Jun-22-2004 at 21:28
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