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Average rating: 3.8 out of 5
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Todd a hobbyist user from USA writes:
Amazing sounds, but i could never record a full song without midi or audio glitches, ti mode or midi, so what is the use?

Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Monday-Mar-07-2011 at 19:48
Max a hobbyist user from Poland writes:
My first hardware synth was Virus KC, followed by JP 8080. Great pieces of mashinery, and I'm eager to buy a TI2, but all negativity repulces me. Are TI2 better built or have less software bugs? Actually, I have no oppotunity to try it out in a store. I take my gear from ebay. I wish C model had such a good editor-librarian, DAW compatible.

I tried a simple TI desctop in my friend's studio, cool synth, compared next to nord lead 1. He' had no problems with it, no bugs and crashes.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Feb-20-2011 at 11:06
john roberts a professional user from uk writes:
I owned 2 virus ti'#s for a few weeks but both malfunctioned in multi mode on all known 0s (up until 4 weeks back )( i tried going back and forwards through os to find one that worked for a week )i sold the last ti i had and gave up on the machines, even in stand alone mode multi mode is non working ( single mode works fine by the way which explains why some will say ' my virus is fine ) , i would get 4 multi parts going and at the most 16 voices of midi and then audio outs would begin cutting out ( not voice stealing actual NASTY digital dsp breaktup NOIZE) ( caused not by os but by trying to use to many voices i was later told by access ???WHAT LIKE FOUR !!!!!!!!?> ) .Access stats on polyphony are a total lie firstly ,you will be lucky someays to get 8 voices of poly in multi mode ( seriously) , secondly what they did was programmed this synth so that when you exceed ' the cpu ' the audio outs break up - what other dsp synth does this ? but whats worse is that asking the virus to perform to many midi voices can do this ? its unbelievable.They wont admit this or any liability and they know damn well how flawed the machine is and just say its ' bugs' and needs os updates ( what for 3 years ???????) in essence they cannot mend it as they didnt put enough dsp in and also they cant program in load warning or some method to avoid this - I know countless people who can only run their ti is single sound mode - for ambient music which i do i wanted to be able to trigger multiple pads and subtle sounds via mid ( it suggests this is a 16 part multi machine - its NOT ) - forget it , you have no way of knowing when it will break up audio wise as each sound apparantly can use variable amounts of dsp at variable times and i am just left wondering what drugs these people are on.I found access totally unhelpfull and at worst deceptive..They made out the error was mine for expecting to many voices when i contacted them ? when i said well why doesnt it just voice steal instead of trashing the audio outs when the dsp is stretched or poly stretched ( like sometimes running 4 simple monophonic parts on my TWO ti's ) they said nothing , when i aksed why it has no way to just voice steal and buffer the errors they ignored me.....they built the ti with a huge error - multi mode DOES NOT WORK , ive tried it on multiple machines and even in shops as thats what i wanted the machine for and these guys should be bankrupt for all the hassle they caused people , why is it ok to let 100's of buyers beta test the machine ( and still get no working solution )its unacceptable . . . buy another synth as i guarantee unless your planning on dubbing to audio and working in single sound mode this thing will be a nightmare.Sorry i think access are a bunch of wankers,,,,,,,.Try your ti running 6 pads in multi mode and listen to the mess , try 16 parts .......if you over do it it should just voice steal ? you know , cut out one sound for another like an analogue poly does when you use to many voices - the virus pops , cliks , spits and fizzes .......avoid it ! seriously i owned over 20 years over 30 synths and this machine was the most malfunctioning new device i ever bought and its not machine specific or os specific its all the ti's as i tried more than one and even tested shop models to find ' a good one ' there are none.Its a great shame , it sounds amazing - plastic a bit and dsp like for sure but a bit of a modern ppg sound and very waldorf like.Its just NON WORKING , they should remove multi mode and it will be fine and they should be more honest as they are seriously deceptive that company.

Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Thursday-Oct-01-2009 at 05:08
neil a professional user from Romania writes:
Synthesizer poorly created in a hurry. The Bender's mediocre. Good keyboard. Display at TI Polar and LEDs blind you. Changing sounds cumbersome. A synthesizer for amateurs with the mediocre sound down. The sound is not even a magnitude VA JP Roland, Yamaha AN or Korg MS. Brings a lot ROMPLER. C virus is much more now that sounds soft and hard and have a higher TI. The IT hardware is built wrong generating various errors regardless of software up-grade. The Syntesizer are stuck together to change the sounds and is a nightmare including version 3.0x. Conclusion TI Synthesizer weak to mediocre sounds more involved with non.

Rating: 1 out of 5 posted Saturday-May-16-2009 at 13:04
Syd Hitz a professional user from England writes:
I use the TI 61 keyboard version with the latest OS 2.7 system. Here are my impressions....

The overall build quality of my Virus is in a different league compared to every other synth I have owned. The only one which has comparable build quality is the Jupiter 8.....but the Virus has much better key action....the best synth action ever (fatar semi weighted). All the knobs and buttons on the TI are *very* solid feeling, robust, smooth and tactile. The TI oozes german craftmanship.....there is no other synth on the market currently being built to these standards....I can assure you.

In terms of features, the TI is so comprehensive its almost like a ministudio in itself. You have got multiple forms of synthesis available at your fingertips, arpegiators, full midi, integration...everything everything you could wish for.....however, its the tonal characteristic which steals the show - the virus sounds unique, amazing in fact. Words cannot really articulate the feeling one has when you dial up a transends becomes a 'feeling'. For me, the Virus sounds better than all of those hitech emulations of the Moog, Prophet etc....sure they go a long way to emulating the synth they are trying to rip off......but the Virus is totally different..shall I tell you why? Its because the Virus sounds like a VIRUS and nothing else. The designers managed to pull off something which allot of other companies tried to actually design a new synth that sounded like nothing else before it. In a nutshell, the tone of the Virus is totally unique, its warm, its smooth, its dark, its a big sound, its an evolving sound, its a very professional - hiend sound. Could a VA ever sound any better than a Virus? I genuinely dont know.....I doubt it is.

One of the all time great polysynths of the last 10 years. A synth which defined electronic music between 1998-2004...and has featured on countless hits ever since. The Virus range will go down in synth geek history as one of the classics. I'm proud to own one and get alot of enjoyment using it.

Rating: 5 out of 5 posted Sunday-Sep-14-2008 at 13:38
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