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  CS-15 At a Glance
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Timo Rotonen writes:
A _very_ underrated monoanalog. Has an external input, 2 outputs, 2 individual oscillators (no sine wave though), 2 filters (low pass - band pass - high pass, wonderful for ext. signal processing. Filters do self-oscillate if one of the two outputs is routed back to the ext. in!), 2 envelopes (can control VCF & VCA + EG #1 can be triggered with ext. signal), two VCA's, LFO with sine - ramp down -sample & hold (controls the VCF's & VCA's), portamento, glide, pitch bend slider, external/white noise signal can be mixed in with osc 1 (roll down the osc to zero with noise on 10 and trigger the cs-15 from a pad with EG 1 on ext trigger -cool hihats!) and lots of other features I can't remember. And oh, two separate VC and trigger inputs -almost a bitimbral synth ;) Triggering works great with Kenton boxes.

The Signal route is drawn on the front panel, so this synth is also good for learning how the analog synthesis works... The sound? With a one word -GREAT! Good for fat basses and thick leads, some weird sounds can be achieved with the S/H. The external input is a _major_ plus with all the triggering possibilities and for signal processing. I'll never part with my CS-15. Get one if you can, they're still cheap! : Much underrated synth.If you can find one buy it. External input can be routed through one of the filters.No pitch envelope unfortunately though.The pots can get very scratchy, but hours of good fun to be had

Comments About the Sounds:
Great basses and thick moogish leads.

(Thanks to Timo Rotonen for this info.)

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Adria swedish band who uses cs15, cs01,siel mono and other nice instruments
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