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  CS-10 At a Glance
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Marcus Wrango writes:
The CS-10 is a wonderful synthesizer. The original sound is warm and nice. It's very easy to use, you have every parameter 'hands on' with knobs (22, excuding volume) and switches (8). You could acctually see the sound travels at the panel of the CS-10 :-) It has CV/Gate connections (Key volt in&out, Trigger in&out). Note that this (as the other CS's from Yamaha and old Korg's) uses Hz/Volt triggering. And a very useful external in, that you could use to patch all kinds of sounds trough. You also have two sliders for Portamento and Pitch Bend. These two are not in use when you have the CS-10 controlled via CV/Gate. The Pitch Bend slides one octave. The VCF has three modes. High, Band and Low-pass. The VCA has a sample and hold switch, which holds the tone last played. The powersupply is switchable beetween 110, 130, 220 and 240 voltage use, so bring it over the seas :-) I could say that I just love this synth.

Comments About the Sounds:
Unique and original warm sound

(Thanks to Marcus Wrango for this info.)
and cal young for the pic

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Analogue Synthesisers A detailed review of the CS 10 is here

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