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  VL-7 At a Glance
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AdamT writes:
The VL7 is basically half a VL1, so no layered sounds or second note of polyphony for "breathing space", everything else is exactly the same so therefore the `7 is the next best thing. as said earlier, only the plucked accoustic instruments suffer, and in reality the VL1s 2-note polyphony is far from ideal in this situation also. Sonically these machines are way ahead of the Prophecy as the model is created as you create the patch rather than selecting a predefined model. there is a very "organic" feel to the VL sounds and reasonably lifelike Analog monosynth emulations can be created with ease, believe it or not the filter squelch of my TB303 patch leaves my MC202 sounding a little dry and sterile! although the actual oscillator sound needs plenty more work (;-). For weird strange noises there is nothing in the Digital domain to touch a VL1 or 7 and the amount of control from that semi-weighted keyboard, three rubber wheels, two sliders, footpedals, switches and the in! credible breath controller is awesome. The Disk drive is fast, the readout clear and detailed and the 32bit 3-DSP effects unit unquestionable.

The VL7/1 could have been the Minimoogs for the nineties if they had costed far less and lost the "Saxophone Machine" tag, as they do the one thing we all really want..... Offer something NEW. If you want an Analog synth, the VL7 will give you a rough approximation as will the Prophecy but in my book you`re better off with a real one, If you want a totally unique Digital synth that treads new ground and also allows you to access instrument sounds previously unavailable to you try a VL7, VL1 or VL1m..

Comments About the Sounds:
Totally natural accoustics and the weirdest out of this world noises short of a VL1. Plucked accoustic instruments fare badly because of the monophonic nature

(Thanks to AdamT for this info.)
and Pongprom Snitwong NA for the pic

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