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  PSR-200 At a Glance
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Nathaniel Lind writes:
This was a model that was the younger "Brother" of the PSR-300,(Reviewed on this site) which had MIDI. The sounds varied ALOT in quality... Strings were HORRID for acoustic Strings, the Piano sounded tinny and boxy.. But there were some good sounds, Like (i Think) #22, Which was sort of a Tremolo Guitar, #95-Orchestra Hit is different than most. Most, if you play a "C" it would play a "C". But on this one, it starts out at something like the G#below the C you play and "Glides" up to the C. A variant of theis sound was used by Konami in many of their Arcade games, and by Sega for Virtua Cop 1. (E-Mail me if you's like to hear a WAV)... Another theing, the Drums were only mapped to the Black Keys, not your standard GM Layout. You could originnaly purchase it at Best and other stores (Probably mainly Best Buy/Circuit City-type Seores.) In approximately 1993, it was available through smoe Sam's Club locations. Overall, a good keyboard.

Comments About the Sounds:

(Thanks to Nathaniel Lind for this info.)
and Guenter Reif for the pic

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