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  KX-88 At a Glance
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Vincent Moore writes:
This keyboard is built like a tank. Definetely one of the best midi weighted keyboard controllers ever! The keys feel like they are made of real wood and I know because I have played piano most of my life. I think this thing weighs about 28 pounds. I got it second hand but before I purchased it, I compared it to the Kurzweil PC88, the Roland A90, etc... The only thing that comes close to this keyboard in feel would be maybe the Korg SG1D or the Kurzweil. But the Kurzweil always has a problem with broken keys. The Roland sounds better than the Kurzweil. The Yamaha KX88 is over 10 years old and no broken keys yet. I think that's pretty impressive. I can also control sequencers and other keyboard modules directly from the keypads of the KX88. I highly recommend it.

Comments About the Sounds:

(Thanks to Vincent Moore for this info.)
and Geoff Tolchin for the pic

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