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  CS-5 At a Glance
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Tobias Schmitt writes:
The best thing about this machine first: It has an audio-input, so you can use the VCF and VCA for all kind of sources. Even if the multimode filter (12db high/low-pass 6 db band-pass) won`t treat your sounds beyond recognition you can a warmth to them. Nice for smooth modulations on drums. The LFO offers even sample and hold which is a nice addition. The LFO can modulate quiete a lot of the sections, but as it`s just one you have to use the same modulation on everything. One VCA is given. The VCO gives you a pulse and sawtooth wave. Both can be used the same time. Third poti in the mixer section is dedicated to noise/external input which can only be use alternatively. Using it with a midi-interface is the same problem with KORG synths like the MS20. As the machine can be triggered by the external signal it`s most useful as an effect. Just buy one if you can get it really cheap.

Comments About the Sounds:
As it has just one VCO and a lush 12 dB-ilter, don`t expect anything extreme. It`s just a synth for nice sounds

(Thanks to Tobias Schmitt for this info.)
and Fredric Tirheden for the pic

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