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  CS-15D At a Glance
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Toni Aittoniemi writes:
A weird combination of a percussion organ and a synthesizer. It's got a "preset" part and a synthesizer part. The synthesizer part will only work on channel two. Channel one is only presets. You can mix between the channels or get individual out for each. They can be controlled with separate CV/Gate inputs in the back (way cool).. Although most of the times you find yourself using "dual" voice setups. The synth part has 2 envelopes, 1 oscillator (with mixable pwmsquare + saw), noise and a way beefy filter. Channel two can also be detuned for freaky non-tone ambient'ish sounds (these are especially cool with the lfo-ringy-thingy) The only bad part about this keyboard, is the fact that it is tHZ/V instead of V/Oct (shit!) so you'll have to pay extra for your kenton or other midi -> cv converter. A good buy if you can get it cheap, definitely.

Comments About the Sounds:
Very "wet" filter and thick sound. LFO goes up to Audio range, can be used as a sortof Ring modulator.

(Thanks to Toni Aittoniemi for this info.)
and Will Moindrot for the pic

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