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Lon O'Bannon ( writes:
Faint bleedthrough of PWM rate & LFO rate clocks into audio OUT path. Problem possibly corrected in the Mark II successor. Resonant filter and PWM are great strengths, even though only 2 position switch (hi / lo) for resonance (improved in Mk II with continuous slider). Best sounds under dynamic control of (optional) breath controller. Same breath controller as original DX7 and successors. May also respond to other / any variable resistor type controllers, e.g. foot, etc. Test it and let us know! Mini-keys are VERY playable with a little practice. Very good feel & response. BTW, photo under the CS-01 Mark II is not correct. That's actually this one! I believe the II version case was Black with Green graphics. This one is gun-metal gray with blue & white graphics. Both look cool.

Comments About the Sounds:
PWM, glissando, filter resonance are perennial strengths of analog mono synths. Breath controlled modulation of VCF &/or VCA makes this twice as dynamic, and sounds like a whole 'nother synth.

(Thanks to Lon O'Bannon for this info.)

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