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  Microwave XT At a Glance
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AdamT ( ) writes:
The Microwave XT is basically a Microwave-II grafted onto a 44-knob analog interface and then spruced up with 20bit converters and extra DSP RAM for delay effects.. Oh and they`re usually ORANGE in hue although there are a few "pulse coloured" grey ones knocking about for the boring old traditionalists like myself (;-).

The XT really is a sort of missing link between the MW2 and the fully knobular and mega-expensive Wave. I hate matrix based editing at the best of times and the XT`s 44-knobs cover all of the most used functions, they also sent MIDI controller data for real time tweak recording, imagine recording a wavetable sweep!. The MW concept is really a development of the old classic PPG Wave which used tiny PCM samples of single waveforms of all complexities a lot of which were very close in timbre and when swept through via an EG or the mod wheel created the classic PPG sound famous on countless records, this was fed through an Analog filter.. the MW2/XT has replaced the samples with DSP generated waveforms and there are 64 wavetables to choose from, there is even a section dedicated to de-quality-ifying the system to emulate the old PPG (or MW1) perfectly, it does too!. the thing has an amazing sonic range from classic PPG and DX sounds through accurate TB303 and JP6 impersonations to probably the most accurate 909 kick drum this side of the real thing..

Waldorf are know for implementing a Mod Matrix on their synths and the XT doesn`t dissapoint, there are 16 "Patch cords" and numerous sources and destinations, 4-envelope generators and a multi-timbral arpeggiator cum 16-step sequencer which if programmed properly for each part can create the most complex of rhythms in multi mode. the FX generator remembers each voices individual settings for the first 3-parts in multimode, only the Chorus settings for the other five, this ain`t so bad as the thing is only 10-note poly there`s the gripe....... 10-note polyphony.. a machine this good is likely to get used for many parts and when note stealing sets in you wish that you could have afforded two!, the other gripe is the External PSU.. WHY are Waldorf insisting on using wall warts and line lumps these days, the manual even thanks the idiot who suggested it!!!.. who they should have thanked was the guy who suggested Software updatable flash ROM and (wave style) user creatable wavetables

all in all what we have here is a REAL unique Digital synth with very refined filters and a good price.. a breath of fresh air amongst the sea of virtual Analogs.. Well worth the extra over the MW2 and the grey one looks Excellent

Comments About the Sounds:
can sound uncannily Analog despite DSP based digital filters

(Thanks to AdamT for this info.)
and alex for the pic

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