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Luca Marinis ( writes:
Monophonic analog synth. 3 osc's (1 tri,saw,pulse;1 tri,saw,pulse,crossmod whith 3;1 tri,saw)+ noise 2 envelopes 2 lfo's up to audio range (1 sin,tri,saw,square,s-h;1 sin whith later revisions of the firmware these can be sync'd to midiclocks) 24db/oct filter,self oscillating quite powerful arpeggiator (sync'able to midiclock) extensive modulation matrix (nearly anything controls anything) Complete midi control (every parameter has it's midi CC assigned to it) Seems one of the most powerful new analogs. Many kind of sounds are possible,the envelopes are fast,the modulation is great,midi control too. I like it a lot,but sometimes I'd like it to be more dirty (but them I'm into techno).Lead keyb players should like it,it's very expressive since aftertouch or modwheel or pitch can control anything. There's also a plus version whith audio in for processing by the filter.

Comments About the Sounds:
the presets aren't that good,and seem aimed at 70's progressive,whith some techno things

(Thanks to Luca Marinis for this info.)

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