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ryder writes:
Two DCO's with simultaneous Square, Sawtooth, PWM and Pulse waveforms plus Noise and Detune for DCO 2. Low pass resonant VCF with dedicated ADSR envelope generator and adjustable keyboard tracking, VCA with dedicated ADSR envelope. The LFO has a Square or Sine waveform with speed, delay and amount settings and is routable to the DCO's, VCF and/or the VCA. Last but not least there's a stereo Chorus. Brilliance controller and a Tune knob. Forty presets and 60 memory locations. (Copied from Mark Strijbos.)

This synth is not good at making drones or other analogue sounds that require much modulation. The thing it does best is lead and comp (chords) sounds. And it does this really good. It sounds warm and clean. It is really easy to edit sounds on this synth, but there is no dial, slider or knob to change the values, you do it by + and - buttons.

This unit accepts some midi CC too. CC1 changes Octave for DCO2 f.e. I hav'nt figured it all out yet but I will.

Comments About the Sounds:
It happends to have DCOs but still it can sound incredibly warm. I guess the analogue SSM filters and fat chorus does it.

(Thanks to ryder for this info.)

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