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Andreas Lindholm ( writes:
The SH101 is most know for producing that Goa-bass(TB303 like), and this is a major strenght because of the extreme resonance in the filter. Put to right use this filter can also produce very special high pitched and PWM sounds or a very cool analog kick-drum! Another aspect of the sound is that the sliders make it easy to see and adjust your sound when you are at it - THAT is SOUND control that counts.

Every sound from the SH101 is very cool, but of course the scope is a bit narrow, it does what it does and very well! I love this synth, but keep in mind that it is everything but an ALL-AROUNDER so make sure you have other synths to do what the SH101 doesn't. As a bonus the SH101 looks great in blue or red and can be strapped on like a guitar for stage gigs.

Peter Cassidy : Excellent 'tweakable' analogue synth. Only one VCO, but has a 'sub-bass' mode. Filter is astounding. Will resonate. Sequencer/arpeggiator is the best part. Will sync up to anything! Sample 'n' Hold LFO which syncs to the sequencer clock. This machine never fails to impress.

Andi Freeman The 101 has the fastest attack time of anything roland ever made and self oscillates at the drop of a hat, if you can't get the most awesome kick or sub bass sound out of a 101 then give up now, go listen to the spice girls or genesis.

(listen to anything on Dragonfly, Blue Room, Concept in Dance and there is a 101 on almost every track, believe me I know !)

Comments About the Sounds:
Deep analog sound with lot of resonance potential, quite like a TB303...

(Thanks to Andreas Lindholm for this info.)

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