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Paul Riva writes:
well worth the money.

Comments About the Sounds:
At first, I was kinda dissapointed in the sound quality. It sounded rather thin, this was only playing the factory patches. But after messing around with the edit parameters, It quickly became A KICK ASS SYNTH, You can really create some really stranges, but extremely useful basses, this goes along with strange noises, the sequencer was not bad at all, it has its limitations, but with a little creativity, many nices sounding patterns can be accomplished. I still can't get the strings so sound as soft and mellow as I would like, but if you are into grungy sounding strings, this synth has that type of sound. I still think strings, brasses and sounds along that line sound kinda weak. I guess I'm use to the JX-8P and my Juno-106 But, once again, Bass sounds are what to me, sound the best in this machine, I simply fell in love with it's unique sound. well worth the money I paid for it (400.00 U.S) I would buy another one.

(Thanks to Paul Riva for this info.)
and Amazound Records - for the pic

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