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Richard Wintle writes:
A fairly uncommon synth which may have been called a "Pro-8" in the U.K. The sound is thin but grows on you. The same synth chip is also used in its relatives, the Six-Trak, Multi-Trak and Max. Programming is by single parameter and data knob, but it's more user-friendly than most - all of the parameters are accessed with a 4 x 8 grid which has buttons down the left side and along the bottom, with the parameter names clearly listed on the front. MIDI implementation is quite good too - sysex dump and load, wheel defeat/enable, local "off" for one of the bitimbral voices, OMNI on/off, channel select and tune request. The most interesting performance feature is the ability to program a footswitch to momentarily do one of several things: change patch, filter cutoff, envelope times, toggle portamento on/off, etc. Splits or layers can also be memorized and stored in one of the 64 patch locations, and all 8 oscillators can be stacked for monophonic voices. Other features: polyphonic portamento, fixed-rate chorus, 24dB/octave resonant filters, variable PW and PWM. All in all, a decent, cheap analog synth with acceptable but not stunning sound, better-than-bare-bones MIDI implementation and some good performance features. Beware, though: you'll need a manual to figure out much of the MIDI implementation.

Comments About the Sounds:
A little thin but def analog

(Thanks to Richard Wintle for this info.)

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