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  MC-202 At a Glance
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AdamT writes:
Weird little machine this.. basically a 2-note poly sequencer that drives it`s own built in monosynth and a second outboard synth via CV/Gate, it can also drive 2 ext synths one of which plays the same line as the onboard. The synth itself is based on the SH101 and therefore rather clean and characterless but can plop out gobs of bass if pushed hard enough, it loses the Noise generator and the different LFO shapes (REAL SHAME!) but gains LFO delay, also the keyboard is of the rubber button type (32 note), one step up from the 303`s bubble switches but not even as usable as a Wasp`s touch plates really. Although it lacks the squelchiness of the 303, passable emulations are possible especially as the sequencer allows slides and accents programmable per note. The Seq programs more like a "real" sequencer rather than using the "drum machine" pattern method of the 303 which I prefer in this case, also the 202 loses its memory when switched off unlike the 303 (A big letdown this is, anyone know a mod?) but has a tape interface. Editing is far easier as it has an LCD readout and plenty of well labelled buttons. The thing holds around 2600 notes which is more oriented toward whole songs rather than repeating patterns that can be called up, yep the "drum machine pattern" 303 method is far better for dance. For ambient/Electronic music with the thing driving something complex like a big ARP or a Doepfer modular the long song method wins out and the 202 can feed CV-Gate X2 to any part of such a system that needs it far easier than the MIDI/CV Converter/Cubase method especially for sequencing the filters, LFOs etc and it`ll do it for ages. Sync is via SYNC24 with double outputs and an Input so it can act as a Sync Splitter after receiving its timing from a Kenton etc.

Comments About the Sounds:
SH101 ish but a tad more squelchy

(Thanks to AdamT for this info.)

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