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  JD 800 At a Glance
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an Goyvaerts ( ) writes:
I think this is a really good synthesizer. Building patches is very straightforward since all the parameters can be set using dedicated buttons and faders on the front panel. Only the effects must be set using a menu interface. The JD-800 has 109 internal waveforms which you can use to create your own sounds. The quality of the patches you can make is excellent. Your imagination is the limit. And if 109 waves aren't enough, you can also buy SL-JD80 sound libraries. They are worth their money. The JD-800 also has a multi mode. The synth then becomes multitimbral. Five parts and one drum part are available to you. The JD-990 is the module version of the JD-800 and provides even more power!

Comments About the Sounds:
Quality of the sounds depends on how good you are at building patches. You can make it sound really excellent. The SL-JD80 libraries contain excellent waveforms.

(Thanks to an Goyvaerts for this info.)

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