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  System 700 Modular At a Glance
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Rod MacQuarrie ( writes:
I have tried and owned quite a few synths, from Memorymoogs and Minimoogs to Jupiter-8's and ARP2600's to the new Waldorf Q and Nord Modular virtual analogs. From my experience with it, it easily blows away the ARP2600 and 100m systems. The VCO's are very stable (unlike Moog modulars) and the layout on the front panel is extremely intuitive. The filters are excellent. Some say it's the third best synth ever (behind the large Moog and ARP2500 modulars) but I am willing to bet that feature for feature, the 700 has the edge. If I had the choice, I'd pick the 700 over the Moog for stability and repair reasons...and over the ARP for cross-talk and poor quality reasons...but I'm sure others would disagree with my choice. I have yet to hear a synth that sounds more powerful than the full System-700 modular that actually stays in tune and is as easy to use. Probably the only complaint that can be levelled against it is that the main block is hardwired for the most common connections, but I actually found that it cut down on a lot of cables for the vast majority of patches you would make with it, which can only mean better S/N ratio, less clutter, and quicker patch setup time. The sequencer block is absolutely the best analogue sequencer I have ever used - bar none. The phaser and stereo delay modules are wonderful for autopanning effects. The Block 8 lab version is a scaled down version of the main block in a lower wing cabinet...but it has all of the monster sound of it's bigger brother, with less patch points. A monster synth with a monster sound and a monster price tag. Definitely in a League of it's own... ;-)

Comments About the Sounds:
Capable of almost any sound imaginable (with enough patching)

(Thanks to Rod MacQuarrie for this info.)
and Picture thanks to Gil Sicuro for the pic

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