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  SH-1 At a Glance
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Doug Bell ( writes:
I think the reason why there hadn't been a review for this synth yet is because it is extremely rare. I've seen 3 on the net, and I own one of those. It's a single oscillator mono with a sub-oscillator. 24dB/oct lowpass filtering, with white and pink noise. Connections include ext. sig. input, CV/GATE IN/OUT and a TRIGGER INPUT. This is the synth responsible for the lead in "Just Can't Get Enough". You can see Vince playing it in the video. The filter sounds awesome when it's screaming at the top of it's "lungs". It also features a non-resonant highpass filter, which is great for all those breezy, oceany kinda sounds. I mainly love this board for it's bass, it's huge. Great, solidly built, and fun to play around with. I'm always discovering new sonic possibilites with this little beauty. I highly recommend picking one up. If you can find one...

Comments About the Sounds:
This synth is a bass maniac. It's also great for spaced-out percussionand ambiance.

(Thanks to Doug Bell for this info.)
and David for the pic

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