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  MKS-30 Planet S At a Glance
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Vegard Larssen ( writes:
This is the rack-mount (2U) module version of the JX-3P, but with greatly enhanced MIDI implementation. It responds to velocity, stores the selectable MIDI channel (no OMNI only!), and you can edit the sounds in real-time while receiving MIDI data (both from the programmer and the front panel). The sound architecture is quite good, with the two oscillators syncable in two different fashions. The modulation posibilities are not great, but with three LFO waveforms they are adequate.

Comments About the Sounds:
This synth can also produce a variety of metallic sounds due to a ring-modulator like feature. The LFO has sine, square and noise based sample-and-hold waveforms, which is useful.

(Thanks to Vegard Larssen for this info.)

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