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  JX-8P Synthesizer At a Glance
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Gil Sicuro ( writes:
I have a JX-8P with a PG-800 programmer and I really don't want to sell it. Altough I have better analog synths, I think the JX has a unique sound. I just love its pads, and the effect of its ring modulator combined with oscillator sync. Unfortunately the env generators aren't quite fast, so forget about punchy basses. It provides saw, square and pulse waves, and noise. The, pulse wave, I don't know for what stupid reason, has no pulse-width modulation. The VCF's cannot self-oscillate, it's where Roland abandoned the IR VCF chips they were using since the Jupiter series and started to use custom VCF-VCA chips, much cheaper and noisier. I think they are the same of the Alpha Junos. The chorus is exactly the same of the Juno-106. The good side, its keyboard is velocity-sensitive and it has... well, aftertouch. But you have to push so hard the darn thing!

Comments About the Sounds:
Altough it uses DCO's, it has some very warm pads, and punchy synth brass type sounds. It has powerful oscillator sync sounds. (actually, I prefer those than the Jupiter-6's ones).

(Thanks to Gil Sicuro for this info.)

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