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  CAT Synthesizer At a Glance
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Andrew Cross writes:
This machine is basically a ARP Odyssey clone. Incedentally ARP sued Cat over this! This is a VERY rich and phat sounding machine. It has one over the mini-moog because it is possible to have all waveforms at once (each with their own slider) instead of just switching between them like the Moog. Great sounding filter too. Somewhere between Moog & Oberheim ; best of both worlds! Not overly reliable but that's probably something to do with age. MIDI->cv isn't too easy either. Not a standard volt/oct system.

Comments About the Sounds:
er, Phat!

(Thanks to Andrew Cross for this info.)

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Octave/ the CAT Octave/ the Cat is a fan based website regarding patches and sound samples of a 1977 Octave Cat. Get your free blank Cat patch sheet here! Make your own patches and recordings and have them postes for free.

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