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Andrew Payne writes:
As analogue synths go this is down and dirty, but with a strange sense of "class". Pads, brass, e-piano... bahhh - go away. Thunderous bass, massive leads, grinding highs - welcome home. Layout is ultra intuitive and exceptionally spacious. The number of sound possibilities is surprisingly extensive. The LFO is a monster. The routing options... well, let's call them "challenging". Eery SFX are the staple, and haunting blips are a specialty. A clever programmer can emulate many Roland-esque drum hits, but with a special flavor unique to this beast. Let's go this route - why would I run into a burning building to save my kitten: 1. It's so sparse. No ugly mess of nobs here, perfect for live performance. 2. Used properly or poorly, it has a strangly unique sound, despite it's outlaw beginnings. 3. There is a "suboctave 2" slider which has literally changed my life (and my neighbors). The fattest synth this side of Oberheim (but deeper). 4. It is brutal. Th! e effort here is to tone the thing down. Bite is it's forte. Treat it tenderly and it will purr. Appeal to its panther instincts... I managed to kiss a left speaker goodbye last week when I got a bit to generous with the LFO sweep. So, the bottom line is this - I have easily and happily built amazing spacey SFX under tight time contraints. I have unearthed the most wonderful techno bleeps. I have unleashed some mighty basses. Most of all, I have spent many charming hours wringing the most inspiring patterns, LFO induced trances and pulse width-modulated timbres out of this Kitten than with any other synth I've fooled with. Should you sell your soul and cross the world to find one? No, your Prophet probably should cover the bases. Should you ask to borrow mine? No. Go away. This silly thing is bad attitude and pure joy. You can't have it.

Comments About the Sounds:
harsh, bright, crisp. very dynamic

(Thanks to Andrew Payne for this info.)

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