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  Matrix 6 At a Glance
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Henrik Stolpe writes:
The keyboard that became the MATRIX 1000. This was released several years before the 1000 and sounds somewhat fatter but are also slightly unstable at times. You have to use the calibration command everytime you turn it one, and after a few hours or so!

Another difference is that the MATRIX 6 are polytimbral on 2 channels. As you can modulate all the steps of the EG's, have any custom waveform in the LFO's, have filter FM, 3 level sync, 20 sources and about 50 destinatinations, 2 ramp generators, 2 advanced LFO's, 3 loopable EG's, and a tracking gen, this is basically a modular synth under digital control!

It can produce any kind of analog sound, from the famous OB-strings to very distinct bass and most of all weird complex sounds. You can also layer or split the keyboard If you want complex analog modular versatility under digital control this synth (and of course the MATRIX 12!) is the best way to go. It has no sliders or knobs but you really couldn't fit all those knobs required ,on a standard front door!! I love mine and I would only trade it for a Xpander,MATRIX12 or keith emerson's moog fitted with a digital programmer!!

Also read the MATRIX 1000 and MATRIX 6R pages.

Comments About the Sounds:
Able to produce extremly complex modular sounds with up to about 30 routings at the same time. Great warmth and a very organic quality curtesy of the Oberheim filters. In Unison mode the phatness are similar to the jupiter 8!!

(Thanks to Henrik Stolpe for this info.)
and Till Kopper for the pic

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