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Anonymous writes:
This synthie is a kind of Matrix 6 or 6r, but without any knobs etc. You have to edit the patches by using external software, sysex-data from your sequenzer or a Matrix 6. You can only select the patch on the front panel. You can store up to 200 sounds in the RAM; 800 sounds are preprogrammed in the ROM. Oberheim stopped producing them some time ago but restarts producing in 1994. The difference ? The old versions have a black front panel, while the new ones are painted white.

Sonic Onl;y editable via sysex but was reknound for having 1000 patches - can be a little frustrating if you find a sound that;s nearly right but needs tweaking - you'll need aneditor - prolly find a cubas map or Logic environment somewhere though.

Comments About the Sounds:
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