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Steve Gualdoni writes:
This is one awesome synth except for a couple things- The support from gibson/oberhiem is minimal at best. The service dept is run by a fool who is certain that no one in the world knows a thing about synths but him. Service pricing is outragous and the prevailing attitude is one of "send us your synth and $450 and maybe you'll get it back in a year or so". I know a few things about service, you see, I am the senior technician at Electronic Innovations. I have been servicing Oberheim equipment since Tom still ran the company. I obtained a used OBM-x and it has failed repeatedly since. It has been quite a struggle to keep it running, and the last time I powered it up it had two new problems. Don't get me wrong, I think this is an awesome synth, but you should know what you may be in for if you have to deal with these people. (I have been told by a client who recieved an OBM-x under an endorsement kind of deal that his was never serviced correctly in several trips back! to gibson/oberheim as well).

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(Thanks to Steve Gualdoni for this info.)

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