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  OB-3 At a Glance
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Brent Haeseker writes:
The OB-3 is a Drawbar Organ Expander. Think of it as a box that sits on top of your keyboard that has 9 drawbars (16, 5 1/3, 8, 4, 2 2/3, 2, 1 3/5, 1) and buttons for percussion (4', 2 1/2', soft/loud, slow/fast, key click), vibrato (3 types), rotary sound, Midi channel and presets. It also has knobs for volume and overdrive amount. The rear panel supports a mono out, midi in and thru, 3 foot switch inputs, head phone out, and a knob for pitch. It is white with wooden side panels.

The OB-3 is one hell of a screaming good organ module. It's basically a B3 in a box. The 9 drawbars provide real time control over the sound. In my opinion, it is much better than the Voce organ modules. If you want the sound of a B3, then get this thing. No sampler or multi-purpose synth will give you the sound that this thing has. Definitely, worth buying. And it's much cheaper than buying a XB-2 (approx. $1400). Heck, I use it with a Yamaha KX-76 controller keyboard that I got for $400, plus $500 I paid for the OB3 and I come out $500 better than a XB-2, plus I get an extra octave.

Sure I would love to have a real Hammond B3, but until that time comes, I'm trilled to own this module.

Money well spent.-stream

Comments About the Sounds:
I'm going to give away one of my secrets. I don't just use the OB3 for organ sounds, I also use it for bass. I have Juno's, a Jupiter and a Minimoog which are commonly used for bass, but the OB3 sounds less synth-y. Just get a beefy organ sound, use the built in overdrive, and play it in the low octaves for a great rounded bass. It also blends well with live drums. Try stacking it with another keyboard bass that has a more plucked sound to add attack to the OB3's roundness.

And, of course, don't forget about the organ sounds!

(Thanks to Brent Haeseker for this info.)
and for the pic

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