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  Nova At a Glance
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Thomas Emil Hansen () writes:
Pros: - Great sound - Very easy to use - Lots of posibilities - Multi-timbral effects(!) - Single programs editable directly in Multimode - Input with vocoder - Flexible and complex arpeggiator - Take off the cheap plastic wings and turn it into very handsome piece of machinery - Most well-designed synth I've ever layed my hands on (maybe appart from its big brother)

Cons: - Osc section maybe too complex to master for the beginner (not necessarily a con though) - Audio-input requires MIDI-input, i.e. you need to send KEY ON-messages to the NOVA if you want to use it as a multi-fx unit - Listen button that plays a note would be nice (the search function plays a useless and annoying sequence) - Is it me or is there no way to route velocity to the different synth parameters (e.g. cutoff freq)??? - There's a little beep from the unit each time you push a button. Would be nice if you could turn that off ...

All in all a great machine, the greatest virtual on the market IMHO.

(Thanks to Thomas Emil Hansen for this info.)
and for the pic

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