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Chuck Pogan writes:
Lots of nice features like oscillator sync and the "sequencer" and arpeggiator. I'm using a Source with the Encore MIDI retrofit (appx. $250) with a Scaltwerk Sequencer and it's Kraftwerk city babes! Whilst the patterns are churning you can activated the "flywheel" data entry and spin like a dervish. Since there is no center detent on the data wheel the filter sweeps and envelopes increment as smooth as butter. Moog took a lot of heat because they hard wired the 3rd oscillator to do LFO only, not audible oscillator like on the mini... big deal. The filters are typical Moog phatty and you also have sample and hold that can go to oscillators or filter. The membrane is cool and will last a long time if you baby it. I've had mine for over 15 years and it's still ticking like a clock. The Encore MIDI retrofit also does a lot of other things like adding 256 patch locations, sys-ex downloading and MIDI to CV conversion. Totally under-rated synth.

Comments About the Sounds:
Standard 2 oscillator plus noise generator. Typical Moog smoothness.

(Thanks to Chuck Pogan for this info.)

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