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  Sonic Six At a Glance
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Jason E. Kaplan writes:
This was my very first Syth back around 1982. It was given to me by a music shop that thought they would never be able to sell it. I'll never sell it. This syth is a great device for learning the principles of sound sythesis. The controles are easy to manipulate and laid out in such a way that it teaches you how to use it if you are willing to spend enough time with it. Sounds can be generated with or without keyboard controle. Audio input can be run through the filters, envelope generator, and ring modulator along with one of the VCO's. The fact that it folds into it's own hard case makes it ideal for traveling. Its internal speaker is of low quality but can make for a useful monitor. This was the synth that Robert Moog toured with on lecture trips to demonstrate his products.

Comments About the Sounds:
Though limited in application, what it does it does very well. The two VOC's can be mixed with the ring modulator to make some pretty rich sounds. The filters are simple, but classic Moog. The envelope generator is rather limited--attack and decay with an on/off latch for the sustain. LFO modulation can add more variety. Don't try to emulate other instruments, let it be what it is.

(Thanks to Jason E. Kaplan for this info.)
and David Strack for the pic

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