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  Little Phatty Tribute Edition At a Glance
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Peter Kadar writes:
This is the classic Moog sound in a modern, cost effective context. It has everything the old Moogs had (except a noise source), but with full MIDI, greater stability, and presets. As an owner of several Moogs in the past, this easily surpasses them in terms of features and quality. It has all the oscillator sync of the Prodigy, the rawness of a Mini, and the continuously selectable waveforms of the Micro and Multi. And the filter can be set to be velocity sensitive. It's easy to use, well built, and sounds great. Its capabilities can be expanded with the CP-251 Control Processor to include a noise source among other things.

Now that this is out, I don't feel the need to spend hundreds more on an aging Mini. This is one of the only synths that I would say has a soul. The more I play and program it, the more deeply connected I feel to it.

Comments About the Sounds:
Thick, creamy one moment, rough and aggressive the next, comically sci-fi, pure and beautiful. Smooth filter sweeps, and no aliasing up top!

(Thanks to Peter Kadar for this info.)

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