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Kelly writes:
Not all the blessings of this modification were covered above. In the end, you have argueably the premier analog poly synth. Virtually all buttons and knobs on the synth can be assigned to send or receive MIDI. Brand-new auto-tune algorhythm allows for a stable and reliable tuning environment. Also added are the filter input, stereo placement of voices via newly installed pair of 1/4" outs. Free mini version of Emagics 'Sounddiver' to edit - graphically, on your computer screen - and up/download patches to and from the Moog. I have found my ax. My quest is over.

Comments About the Sounds:
From an Analog stand-point, the best 'real' instrument emulations I've heard. From this same stand-point, the best, biggest (when wanted), burliest and yet smooth pads and leads this side of analog heaven. The premier ax in terms of an 'inspiration per patch' ratio to my knowledge.

(Thanks to Kelly for this info.)
and Jamie for the pic

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