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  Liberation At a Glance
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Joe Moogjuke West writes:
The Moog Liberation was the first mass-marketed "guitar-hero" type controller for keyboard instruments. If you're familiar with Tom Coster's rig, you know the Liberation. As a guiotar-style controller, it is not light like a Roland SH-101, but i really don't find it uncomfortably heavy, it's like a guitar, when it starts to feel heavy, you sit down for a while. The addition of a frequency divider polyphonic section is very cool, it's nice to switch from mono-madness, to organ-y poly. I really love this synth, and I recommend it highly to anyone who want's something a bit funky and a bit different.

Comments About the Sounds:
I personally feel that the Liberation has a much fatter sound than even the Minimoog, the reason for this is that it ACTUALLY has 5 oscillators. I turn ocs1, osc2, ring mod, a bit of noise, and poly all the way up, THAT IS FAT!

(Thanks to Joe Moogjuke West for this info.)

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