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  MSR2 synth module At a Glance
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Scott Kinnamon writes:
I personally love this synth for its classic Oberheim character and unique sound parameters. It is easy to program, but it edits more like a digital synth in that you must scroll menus and turn a value knob. It is still a comfortable editing environment. It has inputs that are internally mixed to the filter, envelope, etc. It's display deserves special recognition because it is an extra bright, flourescent display that is very easy to read. It has two separate midi in/outs for separate control of parameters or control of the expansion option. It seems to be a versatile synth, but always sounds unique. I purchased mine used for under $600, but have seen it well over $1000. Caution - most of the units were made with a slight (not sure how severe) lag time in the MIDI response I am told and the envelope attack was a little on the slow side. My unit was updated by Tom Oberheim's people and I have noticed no delays. I haven't heard one besides mine, so I'm not sure how big! a problem this could be. Overall - 4 1/2 stars!!!

Comments About the Sounds:
The sounds are bright and fat and sound very Oberheim - it was designed by Tom Oberheim. It's FM parameter creates some unique effects. Extensive modulation routings. 10 routings with 24 sources/33 destinations.

(Thanks to Scott Kinnamon for this info.)

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un exellent synthétiseur analogique
un exellent synthetiseur polyphonique analogique
un exellent synthetiseur polyphonique hybride
Marion MSR2 manual in GIF format
un exellent synthétiseur polyphonique hybride MK2

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