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Jack Deckard writes:
The Opinions Always wanted a Moog Ribbon Controller, and finally got the ExpressionMate. Two days after I got it, I'm thinking about returning it because of its' complexity. Two weeks later I'm wondering if I should buy another one. Playing notes via the ribbon is presise and feels natural. If you play live, you will use this in your act, garrenteed!

The Facts The ExpressionMate is a long ribbon controller and arpeggiator. The Ribbon can function as a single controller or be be subdivided into 3 seperate controllers. You can send any MIDI message including Note On/Off information from the ribbon on up to 3 MIDI channels, divided up on two MIDI out ports. The Arpegiator can also send up two 3 seperate Arpegiations. You can program rhythem tables, but not note order lists. You can also control most of the Arpeggiator with the ribbon.

(Thanks to Jack Deckard for this info.)

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