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  1000PX At a Glance
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Lars Holm writes:
The sound quality is the best I've ever heard. The midi implemmentation is as modular as can be.

The 2line display isn't really usable; which is why Object Mover has been developed, BUT unfortunately only for MAC???? There is a program (kurle) for PC, probably designed only by using the NRPN (Non Registered Parameter Number).

Comments About the Sounds:
dry sound, good for midi mixing, ie. many channels/instruments dosn't change the hole sound picture into "mud".

(Thanks to Lars Holm for this info.)

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1000 users group Users group for all Kurzweil 1000 and 1200 series keyboards and modules. Also editors sopundbanks and other info. 140 members worldwide as og Jan 04

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