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  Prophecy At a Glance
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Denis de Leeuw Duarte ( writes:
It's unbelievable what this thing can do! Like I said, you name a sound and this thing can do it. And what is more, it doesn't do cheap imitations of moogs and tb's with crappy sounds and no real time control. In fact, I would NOT trade my prophecy for a Moog and a 303! This machine is so good at everything that it does. It produces analog synth sounds, great physical modelling of brass, reed and plucked string sounds, weird sf-sound effects, anything. Well, except maybe for the not too good drum sounds. This synth is cool as it comes out of the box but the real strength shows itself when you start to program it yourself. You can produce the strangest hybrids between all those different synthesis protocols and basically invent your own instruments. Also, an important thing to mention is the prophecy's extensive controller options. A short rundown of all controllers: Pitchbend wheel, mod wheel, Dynamic ribbon controller (3 dynamic and one on/off controllers in one!!) and 5 perfonmance editors. The Performance Editors (PE's) are five knobs to which you can assign parameters, but there are four PE sets, controlled by switches. You can basically assign a parameter to each of the five knobs four different times and during performance you can use the switches to define whitch set or sets of parameters you want to use. Very handy! You have got to play this thing to fully understand its power!

Comments About the Sounds:
The MOSS synthesis protocol allows simultaneous use of two osscilators (selectable between various protocols, Classic Analog, VPM, Physical modelling, Cross/Ring/Sync modulation, basically everything you can think of) and on top of this a sub-oscillator (a very basic waveform oscillator with no frills) In a sentence, anything that is possible synthwise nowadays, you can do with this synth.

(Thanks to Denis de Leeuw Duarte for this info.)

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