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  EX8000 Synthesizer Module At a Glance
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Anonymous ( writes:
This is the rackmount version of the DW-8000, a hybrid digital/analog poly synth. Identical, except the EX-8000 does not have the arpeggiator. Dark, moody, and heavy are good ways to describe the sound. Has some beautiful crystal EP's, and can generate some truly ripping lead lines ( with the built-in digital delay ). Basically 16 DCO's, or single cycle waveforms, passed through a VCF and VCA. Filter can self oscillate, and is one of the squelchiest around. A very cheap addition to any setup, and very underrated at that.

You can create some warm strings and synth pads on the fly, and programming is a breeze. All of the parameters are on the front panel, so no real need for a manual. But there is one online, if you have to have it. See the Korg Links page. For cheap analog filter wierdness, this box rules. Get one, you won't be sorry.

Comments About the Sounds:

and RuffinWaller c/o ruffprod@erol for the pic

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