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Thomas R Kolb ( writes:
The Mk II Poly800 is just an enhancement from the original Poly800. The main difference is the added digital delay and the extended memory of the onboard sequencer (but honestly - does anyone need it?). The look of the synth has also undergone some minor changes, featuring the same black/blue colour scheme as its big brother, the DW-8000.

Since most of the sounds use double oscillators, the synth is really only 4 note polyphonic. The "note stealing" which occurs now and then when using sounds with long release envelopes, can still be somewhat camouflaged with generous amounts of delay. Unfortunately this limits the usage of the synth at what it's best at: lush and rich synth pads.

The Poly800 is a lightweight and nice little machine. Nothing really spectacular, but at it's attractive price tag, it should be a welcome addition to any studio.

Comments About the Sounds:

(Thanks to Thomas R Kolb for this info.)

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