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Luca ( writes:
New KORG Pa80 is the most powerful arranger available today on the market, is for professional use that for the home-entertainment.

Sonorous generator HI (Hyper Integrated) of KORG: the same one used in our line of professional sintetizzatori (Triton and Triton-Rack).

OPOS (Objective Portable Operating System): it arranges operating fines-tasking.

Aggiornabile operating system: new functions will be made available in future affinchè the machine always remain to the step with the times.

Solid Been Disk (SSD): an inner memory similar to a hard disk that Mbyte of compressed data allows to contain until 20.

304 entusiasmanti style in the inner memory.

Direct to disk: direct reading of Style from floppy and hard disk. No time of wait.

80 Performances and 1,216 Single Touch Settings (STS), for an express approached relative formulations to sounds and effects.

XDS * Double Sequencer with Crossfader.

Compatible with General MIDI Level 2.

Than 660 Program more endured available.

4 simultaneous processori multieffect, everyone with 89 types of algorithms.

Powerful digital amplifier equipped them of Loudness Car, for one better reproduction of the sound.

Wide display retroilluminato.

Optional expansions hardware of easy installation: in order to add a vocal harmonizer, one exited video or hard disk inner without need of the center an attendance.

Flash optional Card: in order to read new champions, Program and Style Groove.

Planned for it I use LIVE! The KORG Pa80 carefully is planned for uses live. The Performances allow the instantaneous selection of sounds and effects preconfigura you to the inside of the Style, or for the traces in Real-Time. The STS (Single Touch Setting) add ulterior four formulations, always configurabili from the customer, that they recall as many sounds memorizza you together to the Style. The function of direct reading Direct to disk of the Style is from floppy that they give hard disk virtually expands in limitless way the memory of Style eseguibili from the alive one, going to integrate the 304 Style already present in the inner memory. The reading of the Midi Standards Rows is fastest, the double quantity sequencer allows precaricare and to pass fastly from one song to an other also vanishing for means of the Crossfader. The operating system Multi-Tasking allows to carry out loadings while the machine is in phase of execution. All he is easy, instinctive and above all fast thanks also to the wide one display custom that it visualizes all clearly the formulations!

Sonorous generation from synth professional The sonorous generator of the Pa80 is based on system HI (Hyper Integrated) of KORG Triton and Triton Rack: this renders Pa80 the first keyboard to accompanyment that sound exactly as a sintetizzatore of wraps professional. All the sounds classics and in particular the solisti instruments like sassofono, bugle, flauto, harmonica have been sample with theirs vibrated natural for one exceptional realism to you. Some guitar and sounds pianoforti are sample to you in stereo while the sounds of synth can have use of of the resonance effect of the filter. Present E' moreover a Drawbar Program that allows to use the Drawbars in order to recreate $R-al.meglio the classic organ sound. The sounds take advantage of 4 master effects of which two it dedicates you to the accompanyment traces and two to the sounds in real time. The multieffects include algorithms of reverberate, delay, chorus, equalizzatori, exciter, overdrive, sound decimator, ring-modulators, etc derive to you from the Triton. The two incomes can be proceeded to you with the inner effects in order as an example to add to color to one voice or one guitar.

Richer styles The Pa80 new in way Arrangement Play has eight traces of accompanyment, that is two in more of our previous keyboards. Every Style recalls own Performance + 4 different formulations of sounds and effects (STS) dedicates you to the traces in real time. All the formulations are programmabili liberations from the customer and memorizzabili in the inner memory.

Sequencer to the state of the art The Pa80 is the first keyboard to offer two sequencer completely independent that can work at the same time, also sincronizza you between they, mixabili for means of the XDS * Dual Sequencer Crossfader. While the sequencer they are in execution the four traces in real time are always available whose sounds can be recall to you from the Performances memorizzate in modality Style Play. Using also the four Pad the traces available comporaneamente catches up a total of 40 (16 + 16 + 4 + 4). Every sequencer it has the own controls separates to you and are possible the operations of loading of one new song also in phase of reproduction. The witnesses (Lyrics) come visualize to you in the display, while as option is available an interface video for who wished to use an external monitor.

Solid-been disk: the new frontier Solid-State disk, that it can contain until 20Mbyte of compressed data, is the new frontier for what it regards the rescue of the data. In fact it has better performances of the common Flash Rom and comes used for the rescue of all the data which Style, Program, Performances contained in the inner memory of the Pa80. If this were not enough the function Direct to Disk exists also that allows to load directly without times of waited for the Style from floppy or hard disk, expanding the potentialities of the keyboard in virtually limitless way.

Operating system Multi-Tasking The operating system of the PA80 is Multi-tasking that is allows to carry out more operations at the same time. E' in fact possible to load a style while an other is in execution, or to load a Program while one is listened to song. All it is thought for easy, a fast one and sure I use in real time during the live executions. Pa80 moreover, with its aggiornabile operating system, never does not age: new versions gradually will be put to disposition in situated the Internet institutional in order to render it always modern, put into effect them and to the step with the requirements of customers KORG for demanding tradition a lot.

Faithful and powerful amplification The new digital amplifier them from 22 Watt for channel pilot loudspeakers to two ways mounts to you on Bass-Reflex case. The system have been studied purposely in order to confer to the sound presence and depth never listened to before hour. The function of Auto-Loudness to supply to ribilanciare the sonorous phantom when the volumes of I listen is low.

Clean design and works them With its clean design and silver works them in color, the Pa80 is pushed beyond also in the stilistica conception. The obbiettivo to achieve the maximum facility of use "has guided" designer to the creation of a linear panel the commandos and without fronzoli that the wide one encircles display. All the information are very visible and the easy accessible commandos, exactly in the position where you would want to find them.

Logons for all the requirements The Pa80 has four separate escapes audio, common the Left and Right stereo more two add them Sub-Out for use characterize them in mono or like second brace stereo. The allocation of a trace to the escape prechoice is carried out in Global way: to assign the trace of Bottom as an example, for all the Style to escape OUT2 never has not been therefore easy. Two incomes for external instruments with gain control are present also characterize them, the logons for pedals of sustain, allottable and EC5, taken "To Host" for the connection to a computer (Pc and Mac). (info from official web site)

(Thanks to Luca for this info.)
and Mike van Vught for the pic

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