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  MS50 modular At a Glance
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Sevo Stille ( writes:
The flagship of the MS series. The sound quality of its oscillator and filter is less scratchy than that of its smaller brothers.

Fully patchable, with no internal connections between modules. Without built-in keyboard and with both Hz/V and Oct/V control, it was built as an add-on for Korg and other brand systems. Even though it is a rare system by Korg MS series standards, it may well outnumber all other modular synthesizers together.

Combined with the MS-20, it can do anything from Lois Barronesque kybernetic noise to ARP Odyssey-like bass sounds.

Personally, I'd rank it second to the EMS-AKS as an analog SFX processor, and would not want to part with it.


Yup, well I finally got hold of mine and it certainly is a lot more modular than the MS20. I haven't really got totally fluent with it yet - I expect it'll take a little time. I do find that the oscillator is a little 'warbley' ie: unstable. I think this is quite a common offence amongst these. I've been told that the filter is a different chip from the other MS's. If you can find one it's definitely worth getting. I found it great for FX so far but as I say I've not had too much time to get to the bottom of it yet.

Comments About the Sounds:
A good SFX machine, with the best oscillator and filter in the MS series, a genuine ring modulator, CV mixer and CV inputs into everything (including the LFO!). Coupled with a MS-20, a terrific analog bass synth.

(Thanks to Sevo Stille for this info.)
and Nick@sonic for the pic

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